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The client a leading global logistic company were relocating their IT department to another country location which lead to over 20 people being made redundant. 

Our Approach and Solution

For this Outplacement project we designed a 3 point strategic plan that offered each employee:

1. One on One Customized Outplacement Program

2. Training Sessions and Workshops

3. Dedicated Outplacement Support Consultant (Valid for 3 months post exit from the company)

For the One on One program we individually analyzed the candidate where we accessed the profiles via a face to face meeting.  During this meeting we carried out a self-assessment exercise, personal SWOT analysis, established their interests and transferable skills, core competencies and collected all resume data, so that we can build a new candidate profile etc. 

We then build the candidates application process in terms of cover letters, resume, social media profiles which readied them for all application-based scenarios.  The next step was to train them on the ‘Interview Process’, where we cover all aspects from preparation for an interview, potential questions and roles plays.  

We concluded the one on one program with a training needs analysis, goal setting and an evaluation of the program – we here determine if the candidate requires any additional support or training.  

The next phase was the roll out of the group workshop sessions where candidates were offered advice on some of the following topics:

  • How to search for jobs/ careers
  • Knowing the application process and tools for the job search
  • Utilizing Social Media in your job search
  • Training Options available in the market 
  • Employment Agencies - how to impress, their purpose and which ones to target
  • Interview techniques 
  • Marketing yourself
  • Researching and approaching prospective employers
  • HR Source Market Intelligence (Opportunities, leads, news and information that we have gathered) 

These were running as drop-in sessions where the candidates could attend at will to gain better insight and knowledge on all subject topics. 

The final phase of the program was to offer dedicated support consultant to all attendees of the outplacement program.  This was very useful to the candidates as many of them had interviews and required additional support and coaching during this period.  It also enabled them to refresh on some of the topics that were covered in the outplacement program.

Outplacement success

Over 75% of the outplacement candidates were able to successfully find new positions within 3 months of completing the program.    

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