HR Source

HR Source was approached by an international cybersecurity company that was building out a dedicated professional services team to cover the MEA region.  

Our Approach

After a detailed briefing with the client, a comprehensive hiring strategy was developed to ensure a quick and efficient process. 

We agreed to act as an extension of the company whereby we would undertake their own internal interview practices, which included role plays, and a series of pre-defined security tests. 

The client wanted a mix of local (on the ground talent) and security specific external talent (from outside the region) which required us to call upon our own renowned internal database, coupled with strategic advertising and targeted headhunting executed by our research team. 

Our Solution

The strategy combined an international search and a using our comprehensive cybersecurity versed database, where we searched both local and international markets.  We included bespoke media and advertising campaigns within bespoke cybersecurity-based channels. 

Once we identified candidates for the positions, we meet them face to face in order to qualify them and test them on their cybersecurity knowledge (Predefined tests were given to us by the client).  

12 Key placements which consisted of;

  • 4 SOC Managers
  • 3 Cybersecurity Consultants
  • 2 Cyber Forensics and Incident Response Specialists
  • 2 Systems Engineer

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