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Join the Gym

There is no doubt that gyms are experiencing a revolution, and Dubai’s gyms are no exception. Most complexes and hotels have their own gym, complete with personal trainers. Private gyms range from standard, sleek gyms with high-tech equipment, to uber-cool spaces that are about socialising as well as working out the strains of a busy day. Visit a few to see which gym makes you feel most comfortable, so that you can get the most out of your work-out.

Visit a Spa

With Dubai’s work hard, play hard ethos, spas are a popular way of winding down. Proven to reduce stress and blood pressure and promote well-being, a spa treatment is, for many, the best way to relax and recharge after a busy working day. In Dubai, you will be spoilt for choice: here you will find deep tissue massage, hot stone body massage, ayurvedic treatments and more. Your organisation may have therapists that they recommend, or you can try a few and pick your favourite.

Go Shopping

There are few better ways of reminding yourself why you work so hard than going out and spending some of your hard-earned money! If you enjoy shopping, then Dubai’s broad choice of malls and markets will offer you a great opportunity to relax and enjoy living and working in the UAE. You can meander through designer boutiques, world-famous malls and Arabic markets, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying one of the many benefits of living in Dubai.

Play Golf

Golf is undeniably a great way to relax, and it comes with the added bonus of plentiful networking opportunities. Many a business deal has been brokered on the golf course, where plenty of valuable networking opportunities await you. Aside the networking, for golf lovers, Dubai’s golf courses are some of the best in the world. If you want complete isolation, try golfing at sunrise: the perfect way to clear your mind ahead of a busy day in the office. 

Try Meditation

For professionals on the go, meditation offers the mind a much-needed opportunity to switch off, and to free itself of the countless thoughts, appointments, facts and figures continually circling the consciousness. Dubai is notoriously busy, and it can be hard to find true peace. Meditation allows you to slow down your thoughts, regenerating your body and soul as you do so. There are a number of meditation centres in Dubai, we advise that you do your research and ask around for recommended ones. If you don’t enjoy your first session, give it another go, or try a new centre; finding a meditation technique and environment that feels right can sometimes be a case of trial and error.

Get an Adrenalin Rush

For many busy professionals, the best way to rid the body and mind of tension is through adrenalin-inducing activities. The release of adrenalin, and the trying of new activities, can lead to the release of dopamine – the feel-good hormone. So, aside from helping you to express your frustrations, stresses and ambitions in a physical manner, adrenalin-inducing activities may literally make you feel happier: a win-win! The desert offers a broad choice of adrenalin-fuelled activities, including sandboarding and 4x4 driving. Or you can try indoor sky-diving or indoor skiing, both great ways to take your mind off work.


Over half of Dubai’s population are ex-pats. As a result, the opportunities for socialising are plentiful and varied. A popular way to relax is by socialising. Meeting with friends and reminiscing or making plans over a good meal does wonders for the soul. However, if you need to have a moan about a colleague, boss or client, be very careful who you are moaning to! Dubai’s networks are notoriously tight and the wrong complaint to the wrong person could affect your reputation.

At HR Source, we work hard to help organisations to find the right talent to help them thrive. We do this by nurturing applicants, ensuring that they possess the right skills, and helping them to settle into the UAE as seamless as possible. We understand that a good work-life balance means having strategies in place to switch off every now and then. It is this ability to gain a little pleasure amid the hard work that prevents burn-out, improves productivity, and makes the talent that we source so valuable to their organisations.  

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