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After a dip in 2015, UAE recruitment picked up significantly at the end of 2016. At HR Source, we have seen a steady rise in demand for new talent across a range of industries, particularly marketing, banking and information technology.

In a competitive market, recruiting the right talent is a priority for most UAE organisations. More and more professionals are seeking a move to the UAE, making the task of finding work is challenging. However, the opportunities are most definitely there. Organisations and job seekers alike are turning to recruitment agencies to help match their requirements. HR Source look at the trends in recruitment for 2017, and how you can make sure that you stay ahead of the recruitment game.

The Importance of Networking

Studies show that, while candidates do have some success applying for jobs in the traditional way, via applications in response to an advert, most organisations recruit more successfully in other ways. Most organisations cite that their quality recruitment comes from referrals, professional social networks, and job boards. Nearly 50% of recruiters employ talent as the result of referrals. This is not surprising when employing talent referred from colleagues and trusted recruitment agencies is much quicker. In addition, referred candidates tend to offer better performance, and longer service within the organisation. Job boards and professional networking sites are also popular among recruiters; applicants’ information is out there, accessible and open for review, making their credentials more reliable.

If you are looking for a job in the UAE, make sure that your online presence is high, and that your online resume is up to date. Work hard to network, and ensure that you put it out there that you are open to new roles (without sounding desperate). Finally, and crucially, find a recruitment agency that is aware of your needs and who will be able to refer you to suitable organisations. If you are recruiting in the UAE, consult a reliable recruitment agency that you can trust to send only suitable applicants.


In-demand Skills

According to Ali Matar, head of LinkedIn talent solutions for Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, the UAE will see a significant rise in demand for talent in the fields of operations, sales and engineering. This could prove a challenge for unprepared recruitment agencies and organisations, who may struggle to recruit to these areas. The most demanded skills in the UAE are: statistical analysis and data mining, public policy and international relations, algorithm design, web architecture and development framework, SEO/SEM marketing, Middleware and integration software, user interface design, renewable and sustainable energy, mining and commodities and corporate law and governance.

If you possess any of the skills listed above, treat them as a recruitment “buzz-word”. Make sure that those skills that are most in demand are prominent in your CV. Do your best to further develop these skills in order to demonstrate your professional investment in an area, and make sure that your recruitment agency is aware of any skills you possess which may be in high demand. Recruiters need to stay ahead of the game, by actively seeking recruitment agencies who are able to find talent to match required skillsets.

Recruitment Budget Trends

Despite the recent upturn in recruitment in the UAE over the last quarter, organisations remain cautious about their spending. Most CEOs say they would like to spend more on recruitment and training technology and staff branding, but are reluctant to do so until the market stabilises further. It looks as though these budget trends will remain for a while, so outsourcing recruitment to agencies and relying on referrals is, therefore, likely to continue to be the most effective way for people seeking employment in the UAE to find a suitable role, and for recruiting organisations to find the best talent possible.

We know that referrals are the primary source of quality talent, but most organisations will allocate little or no budget to referral programmes. If you are looking for a role in the UAE, this can work in your favour, as it opens up the opportunity for you to network and create your own referrals, without having to go via the authorised referral route. Likewise, recruiters are able to cast their net for appropriate referrals without being confined by a corporate referral scheme.

Seeking the right role in the UAE can be challenging. At HR Source, we understand the trends, political nuances, and most valued skills within each area. This enables us to make the most suitable candidates look more attractive to prospective employers, and ensures that we find organisations the very best talent.

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