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1. Quality of living

One of the first reasons why Dubai is regarded as one of the top career destinations in the world is the quality of living. In the Middle East region as well as Africa there is hardly any other city, with the possible exception of Abu Dhabi, which can match Dubai in this regard.

2. The question of security and safety

As far as expats are concerned safety always tops the list of preferences as far as working abroad is concerned. This has been stated by Mercer, a major business consulting organization. On a global scale, Dubai has been ranked at the 40th position from the point of view of safety.

3. Capability to start business easily

Right now there are plenty of opportunities for starting a business here at Dubai. It has new markets and new consumers, and with every passing day, the internet is playing a greater role over there. In a recent survey, HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation) has termed Dubai as the second best city for expats in the world.

4. World class infrastructure

Infrastructure in Dubai is always getting upgraded. You have everything that you can need over here – roads, ports, railway stations, and developmental projects. They are always being upgraded just in the blink of an eye.

5. No taxes

At Dubai, you would not have to pay any income tax as such. This way, you would also be able to stay over here, work to your heart’s content, and save sufficient amounts of money. Dubai has probably the finest opportunities for investment without taxation. Here you can live a luxurious and comfortable life in the truest sense of the words.

6. Global exposure

Dubai has a wide array of work opportunities as well as people working in those domains. There is no doubt that you would hardly get any bigger ground in the world as far as international business is concerned.

7. Multicultural workforce

Dubai is one of the few places in the world where you see a confluence of East and West in the proper sense of it. There are people from more than 180 countries of the world over here in Dubai. Its strategic location is helpful as well.

8. English is spoken all around

As opposed to most other cities of the Middle East you have plenty of people in Dubai who speak English. They also understand the language pretty well too. This is especially applicable to the people who live and work over here.

9. A delight for tourists

Dubai has a varied terrain. You have the deep sea and the huge desert. You also have everything else that you might want in a tourist spot. As far as tourists are concerned it happens to be a veritable heaven, to say the least. It also helps that the city’s economy has changed from being solely dependent on oil. There are plenty of tourist attractions and activities in Dubai.

10. Expo 2020

One of the biggest reasons as to why you should work at Dubai is the Expo 2020. It has drawn around 30 million people for the six months in which the event is supposed to be held.

11. Great salaries

The salaries here at Dubai are really good. In fact, this is one major reason as to why people decide to take up jobs in this desert city. This is applicable for all the expats – even the migrant labourers from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

12. Prospects of career improvement

In Dubai, you would get lots of chances to climb higher up in the profession that you have chosen and that too within a short span of time. However, just like any other place in the world, you would have to be able and hardworking for that to happen.

13. The houses are better and bigger

The houses that you get with the money that you pay for rent in Dubai are always better and bigger than some of the best cities in the world including London, New York, and Paris. There are a lot more facilities to be had over here.

14. Year-round scope for outdoor activities

As far as most expats are concerned Dubai has a summer season all around the year and this is a great thing as far as they are concerned! This also means that they can participate in outdoor activities all around the year.

15. The glam quotient

As far as the Middle East is concerned there is hardly any destination that is better than Dubai in terms of the cool quotient. In fact, this would also be true if you talked on a global scale. You get to experience and see gorgeous hotels, fashion and polo outlets, and plenty of celebrities all around the year over here.

16. Religious independence

In spite of being a Muslim city primarily, Dubai is a glorious exception in the sense that people of all faiths live over here and practice their religion without any issues whatsoever.

17. Plenty of opportunities to have fun

When you are living in Dubai you can be sure of one thing – you will never be bored. All around the year the city is full of activities, services, events, and facilities that will keep you occupied. It is a lot more than what you have seen in your life so far.

18. The quality of public transportation

Dubai is blessed with substantial amounts of public transportation at all times. The best thing about all this is you need not pay a lot if you avail these facilities over here. The best example of this is the Dubai Metro.

19. Greater amount of personal liberty

As opposed to most other countries of the Middle East, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a lot more liberal and this is reflected in the way Dubai goes about its life as well. Here you are allowed to indulge in activities such as drinking and smoking.

20. Business opportunities for all

It doesn't matter whether you are a salaried professional or an entrepreneur – there is always some opportunity or the other here at Dubai. As and when you rise up in life you can be sure you would be earning truckloads of money over here.

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